The Validation process of a new MSc Programme in Rail Freight and Logistics

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Luca Rizzetto
Stefano Ricci
Marin Marinov
Anna Fraszczyk


The objective of this paper is to describe the Validation process of a new MSc Programme in railway transport and logistics which has been designed within the RiFLE project. RiFLE stands for Rail Freight and Logistics Curriculum Development and is funded by the Erasmus programme of the European Commission. The innovative idea of RiFLE is that the courses developed will run in the participating institutions, and they will be compatible to allow the students to attend some of their modules in the other universities. Moreover the possibility of a joint programme and degree is currently under evaluation. In particular RiFLE developed 26 rail freight and logistics Subjects combined in four Curricula, each of them corresponds to the perspective of a student entering the Programme from one of the four participating Institutions. The Validation process of the four Curricula has been carried out against both the European Educational Standards for Mscs and Industry requirements, implementing a stepwise methodology. Validation against Standards has been performed developing an extensive overview of the existing educational standards for Master programmes in Europe and the guidelines on how to meet them. Validation against Industry requirements has been achieved through a Workshop, during which over 30 external experts of Academic Institutions and Companies active in the Rail and Logistic sectors expressed their judgment on the RiFLE Programme and gave suggestions for improvements.

Keywords:  Rail Freight and Logistics; Higher Education; Innovation; Survey; State of the Art.


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Rizzetto, L., Ricci, S., Marinov, M., & Fraszczyk, A. (2019). The Validation process of a new MSc Programme in Rail Freight and Logistics. Contemporary Educational Researches Journal, 9(4), 94-102.