Analysis of communication styles between adolescents and parents (example of Kyrgyzstan)

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Murat Gokalp


In this study, the aim was to determine the motivation levels of primary school fourth grade students with regard to their. The purpose of this study is to explain the forms of communication of adolescents with parents, problems in the school, sexual identities, conflicts with parents, how parents behave towards adolescents, the reasons of physical and mental changes experienced by adolescents and adolescents, to determine the anxiety and fear of adolescents and to reveal the expectations of parents from adolescents. The research was carried out in 2017–2018 academic year with 780 students, including 380 male, 400 female and 45 parents who have students in the same school.. According to the data obtained from the scale, the scores of girls were higher than males. Besides, the scores of the families with lower income were higher than the middle and upper groups.

Keywords: Adolescent, parent, adolescent communication, adolescent parent.


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Gokalp, M. (2019). Analysis of communication styles between adolescents and parents (example of Kyrgyzstan). Contemporary Educational Researches Journal, 9(4), 119-127.