Interdisciplinary block of learning challenges

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Abelardo Damy
Maria Guadalupe Lomeli Plascencia


The Block of Sciences is a project that includes the contents of Differential and Integral Calculus and Mechanics around learning challenges that students solve along the semester. It becomes evident the development of not only disciplinary but also transversal competencies, so that students learn the contents and solve the challenges. In the concerning to the teaching work, there exist changes due to the fact that a very close communication among the team members during the full semester is necessary. The professor’s role in a subject transforms into a learning facilitator or guide in order to create an appropriate environment to produce a better and more meaningful learning. In addition, there is a supervising professor for the challenges, who supports the students through all the process. With respect to the students, they have a key and active role, and as a consequence, they get a more significant learning.

Keywords: Competencies, educational innovation, multidisciplinary blocks, teamwork, Tec21.


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Damy, A., & Plascencia, M. G. L. (2020). Interdisciplinary block of learning challenges. Contemporary Educational Researches Journal, 10(1), 21-27.