The creativity and character in Korea teacher education

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Yonsuk Chae


Creativity is the ability of people to be innovative in their approach to problems, situations and life in general. Character is a person’s moral standards. Creativity and character are two concepts that are essential in the teaching process. A teacher can influence their student’s character and they can improve the student’s absorption level through innovative ways of teaching. This study reports the implementation of an education programme for pre-service teachers in Korea and how the programme affected their creativity and character. It was a qualitative research that collected data from in-depth interviews with 13 participants from the programme. Pre-teachers indicated that they often distinguished clearly between the competence of creativity, an example of its occurrence in the classroom and what feature of that example made it creative to be self-developed. The implementation of the programme encouraged student teachers to inter-communicate and share ideas among others within the classroom.


Keywords: Creativity, character, German daily life, German university life, Korea, teacher, education.


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Chae, Y. (2021). The creativity and character in Korea teacher education. Contemporary Educational Researches Journal, 11(1), 01–08.