Innovative approaches on modular apparel design

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Birsen Cileroglu
Serdar Egemen Nadasbas


Within the globalized environment, the competitiveness,which expresses the talents needed for the sustainability of long term financial growth, has a crucial role affected by innovation and makes significant contributions to the development. One of the innovative methods used by enterprises to remain ahead of the game of competitiveness is mass customization(MC). MC is to change,assembleor modification of components of a product or a service according to the desires and needs of the customer. This study aims to determine how to meet the changing desires and demands of clothes with the modularity method of MC.With this respect,common modules which can be applied on different skirts and enables the changes on size&model had been designed,the specialities which models should have were determined and studies on the assembly phase had been performed.This study which was completed with the experimental design method,is important on offering new experiences to the consumers with spare modules applicable to existing clothes and meeting the demand on new products by avoiding the usage of sources on production phase.


Keywords: Mass customization, fashion, innovation, modularity, apparel design


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Cileroglu, B., & Nadasbas, S. E. (2018). Innovative approaches on modular apparel design. Global Journal of Arts Education, 7(3), 73–82.
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Serdar Egemen Nadasbas, Faculty of Art and Design, Gazi University, Campus of Golbasi, 06830, Ankara,Turkey

Department of Design and Architecture, Kızılcasar District Faculty of Fine Arts, Atılım University, 06830, Ankara, Turkey.