Art for peace

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Vafa Afshar
Candan Terwiel


In this our modern times, many people, although not in every geography, had to live with wars and conflicts. Peace has always been the object of purchase, even if art cannot afford to prevent the war. Violence and war have become commonplace for everyone, especially for children. Exile, immigration, refugee, human trafficking issues, which have become a problem of the world as a result of war and violence, await solutions. Institutions, states and global organisations are trying to take big economic and social measures towards these problems; however the unresolved problems of the endless wars, the issues of war continue to be the main item of the agenda. For instance, the arts of Otto Dix, Kathe Kollwitz or our current days artists Tammam Azzam and Banksy. This study emphasises the belief that the art has a unifying, healing power, and therefore Art for Peace will continue to be made.

Keywords: Contemporary art, peace, war, art.


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Afshar, V., & Terwiel, C. (2019). Art for peace. Global Journal of Arts Education, 9(2), 63-74.
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