Reflection of mathematical concepts and theories on art

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Candan Terviel
Semiha Atabey


The source of mathematics and art is nature. In everything that is visible or invisible in nature, there is a certain order and arrangement. While science and mathematics use evidence in the process of understanding nature, the desire to create beauty has formed art. As a problem question, do we need mathematics to create beauty? Galilei’s expression that ‘Nature’s book is written with mathematics’ can be a response to that question. Maths allows us to get to know nature better by enabling us to measure and calculate the formal features of objects in nature, their ways of functioning and thus to be able to create successful designs in the fields of architecture and arts. As a result, although mathematics and art are different fields, like mathematics, art abstracts and reinterprets nature. In this study, it has been aimed to analyse the effects of mathematics and developments in the field of mathematics on various branches of art and architecture in the 21st century. The works carried out in the branch of architecture and plastic arts where the relationship between mathematics and art are exemplified examine the literature on the relationship between mathematics and art as a method.


Keywords: Mathematics, art, ceramic, geometry, number, abstract art.


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Terviel, C., & Atabey, S. (2020). Reflection of mathematical concepts and theories on art. Global Journal of Arts Education, 10(2), 129–137.
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