Gender, action and expression in Pipilotti rist’s ever is over all video art

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Berivan Ekinci


In this study, two channelled and coloured video installation called Ever is Over All dated 1997 by Pipilotti Rist’s being one of the artists who shaped video installations is analysed. In this installation produced by Pipilotti Rist as a woman artist, a woman in an entranced mood is shown smashing the glasses of some of the cars parked on the roadside. There is the vast space of the flower field on the one side and then there is a cheerful woman as the main character crashing the glasses of the parked cars on the roadside with a long stemmed flower just like from the field. The female body is especially important in audio and video installations of Rist. This installation by the artist has been assessed in terms of gender, action (movement), expression, freedom and solidarity. The flower used by the woman to smash the car glasses is considered over themes such as nature, life and woman and the fact that a passing by female police officer does not intervene in the situation and goes on her way just by greeting our heroine and smiling is assessed using concepts such as gender, action/movement, expression and freedom. In this research, the effects created by the medium of expression in art are touched upon in the video installation titled Ever is Over All and it has been concluded that the subjects and objects included in the video inspire the solidarity of woman, community and nature.



Keywords: video art, Pipilotti Rist, Gender-Action-Expression


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Ekinci , B. . (2021). Gender, action and expression in Pipilotti rist’s ever is over all video art. Global Journal of Arts Education, 11(2), 131–140.
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