Formation of human security culture by means of folklore

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Nadezhda P. Yachina


The objective needs of the individual and society for protection against dangers arising from the human encroachment have now reached the maximum extent. The aim of the paper is to define how folklore peculiarities affect the formation of human security behavior culture.The relevance of the problem under study is due to the fact that the human security behavior culture has always been in the focus of any ethnic group’s attention, which was reflected in mythology, fairy-tales, epics, proverbs and sayings. The people, the genius creator of the language and the teacher all in one, brought into being the greatest works of artistic expression that are intended to lead children in all stages of their emotional and moral development. Folklore contains the richest material for the development of moral qualities. Folklore is diverse and rich in various types and genres. The aim of the article is thus to determine the characteristics of folklore essential for the formation of human security behavior.The main approach in studying the present problem is the following: sociometric method, allowing to define the competence level of second year students from different faculties in the sphere of ethno-pedagogics and security culture, that made it possible to study how students perceive psychological difficulties they are faced with.As a result of the study the students found the use of oral folklore like fairy tales, proverbs, sayings, epics and games pedagogically practical in education of pupils’ security culture.The future teachers noted that the task of adults is teaching the child to choose the right ways of psychological defence, depending on life circumstances, rather than protecting the child from adverse surroundings.Tales about safety are textbooks of life. They give the name and understanding for quite many life situations, they  help modeling correct behavior in children as well as supporting faith in goodness.The article may be useful for teachers and future educators.

Keywords:folklore, fairy-tales, proverbs, sayings, safety, security, health and  safety, life security, education, teacher, student.



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