Regeneration of the protected area of Lake Shkodra for sustainable tourism development

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Mirjam Dibra
Sead Baraku


Nowadays, sustainable tourism development is a necessity for all countries that appeal for tourism. The local community is considered to be an important factor in supporting tourism development. Shkodra Lake, the largest lake on the Balkan Peninsula, is a very important protected area with great potentials for tourism development. The purpose of this study is to address the need for the regeneration of this area for sustainable tourism development. The survey was used as a quantitative research method. The questionnaire to the local community of Zogaj village was used as a research tool. The research results showed the community's attitudes about touristic values of Zogaj village and the importance of their use for sustainable tourism development, about the situation and the prospect for the regeneration of Zogaj village for STD. The findings of this research will help tourism planners and decision-makers to sustainable use of local resource of this area for the successful tourism development today and future.

Keywords: Sustainable tourism, local community, Shkodra Lake, Albania.



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Dibra, M., & Baraku, S. (2019). Regeneration of the protected area of Lake Shkodra for sustainable tourism development. Global Journal of Business, Economics and Management: Current Issues, 9(3), 95-104.