Financial Inclusion Disclosure: Empirical Evidence From Banking Industry Of Bangladesh

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Shaily Das


Financial inclusion refers to the procedure of making financial services accessible to all individuals and businesses at reasonable costs. Financial inclusion strives to address the constraints that retard people from participating in the financial sector. It has been drawn much attention for its contribution to economic and commercial development, raising inclusive growth, minimizing income inequality all over the world, especially in developing countries like Bangladesh. Central Bank of Bangladesh (Bangladesh Bank) formulated a financial inclusion policy in 2009 intending to make banking services available to unbanked people. This study examines the Financial Inclusion Disclosure by 30 Banks (5 state-owned banks and 25 private commercial banks) of Bangladesh, which are listed in the Dhaka Stock Exchange during the period 2015-2019. The objective of the study is to analyze the activities of the banking sector of Bangladesh for making banking services available to unbanked people. For that purpose, annual reports of the selected banks have been studied, and findings are demonstrated through graphs. According to the study findings, priority areas of financial inclusion include school banking, agent banking, street children account,10 taka farmers account, SME financing, rural credit, women entrepreneur loan, etc.  This study also shows the prospects of financial inclusion, financial inclusion issues that are highly emphasized, barriers to financial inclusion, and initiatives needed to overcome these barriers.  This study findings depict that the financial inclusion performance of state-owned banks of Bangladesh is relatively better than those of private commercial banks, and inclusion actions are increasing with time. Policymakers might use these findings and also the banks to ensure no eligible person remains unbanked.


Keywords: Bangladesh Bank; disclosure; financial inclusion; unbanked people


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