The challenges and opportunities of E-banking adoption for SMEs in Bangladesh

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Shakir Karim
Ergun Gide


This paper analyses the challenges and opportunities of E-banking in Bangladesh. It also discusses the success of E-banking in small-to-midsized enterprise (SMEs) of Bangladesh and gives a reliable assessment of Bangladesh’s present E-banking infrastructure and its future organisational structure. This paper mainly has used secondary research data and methods to provide a broad investigation of E-banking in Bangladesh, how to overcome the hurdles in SMEs of Bangladesh necessary for SMEs to help facilitate E-banking adoption. The research is a subject to academic journal articles, project reports, media articles, corporation-based documents and other appropriate information. Data were also collected by using interviews from Bangladesh E-banking-based organisations that are offering their goods and services on electronic channels and professionals involved with E-banking-related activities. E-banking can provide speedier, faster and reliable services to the customers for which they are relatively happy. E-banking services not only can develop new competitive advantages, it can improve its relationships with customers.

Keywords: E-banking, small-to-mid-sized enterprises (SMEs), challenges, opportunities, Bangladesh


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Karim, S., & Gide, E. (2019). The challenges and opportunities of E-banking adoption for SMEs in Bangladesh. Global Journal of Information Technology: Emerging Technologies, 9(1), 1-11.