Intrusion tolerance model against higher institution database

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Mohammed B. Yakubu
Hussaini DanAzumi
Mohammed Bulama
Abba Hassan


Privacy and security are the two major concerns of keeping and accessing data on the internet. The rate of intruding organisation’s database by unauthorised users is on the increase. Thus, the affected organisation’s data confidentiality is lost; it can be viewed, modified, deleted and/or make it inaccessible to authorised users. Intrusion detection and tolerance techniques help in recognising malicious attacks as well as supports the websites to survive the attack. A quantitative approach was used in this study even though numerous attempts of quantitative evaluation of the survivability of intrusion tolerant systems, especially in database field have been made. Study on survivability of intrusion tolerant systems has being done, taking behaviour of attack, prediction of scale, speed of database damage propagation and its degree of spreading as facilitators. This paper provides the intrusion tolerant database system as a series of state transition model (Zumkas Model) based on the hidden Markov model.

Keywords: Intrusion, survivability, model, patterns


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Yakubu, M., DanAzumi, H., Bulama, M., & Hassan, A. (2019). Intrusion tolerance model against higher institution database. Global Journal of Information Technology: Emerging Technologies, 9(1), 20-28.