Developing cooling system application for the immobile patients

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Salama Ramiz



There is an increase in the use of automated systems as technology moves forward towards the 21st century; people are trying to make use of their time the most with modern technology, with Microcontrollers becoming a necessity. Arduino, the popular portable microcontroller is one of the best currently in terms of making fast, efficient, automated devices that help in day-to-day life. This paper aims to present the ARDUINO-powered COOLING SYSTEMS, which can be applied in different areas including daily used objects. The use of this as COOLING will improve human life while educating people on the uses of microcontrollers. This book defines the Arduino microcontroller and the Arduino idea. Their methodology was to share microcontroller-based equipment and plan stages to share thoughts and advance development. To meet the wide group of onlookers, the document has been segmented to fulfill the need of everyone. The document contains numerous equipment guides to help the peruser ascertain all assortment of frameworks.


Keywords: ARDUINO; cooling system; Liquid Crystal Display ( LCD); Microcontroller; sensor.


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