The ontology of resistance between power and knowledge

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Hanan Muneer Al Sheikh


The ontology of human resistance accentuates its existence through several expressive means with the most important being Art; as art transforms the question of resistance into a self-practice that starts with the artists and transfers between the inside and the outside in a continuous, creative and effective mutual relationship in order to emphasise the battle of existence conflict, ideology and Epistemology within the general framework of power. This philosophic analysis is based on the hypotheses of having a multilateral factor that continues with the past legacy on the one hand and interprets the present while overpassing it on the other, in order to create a state of creativity that represents the intellectual, emotional, cognitive and historical inventory, while posing a situation of continuous wondering among individuals and groups. This artistic state unifies the indicators of symbolisations and makes resistance represented in a contemporary visual discourse that rejects dominance, accentuates the identity and transforms the theoretical intellectual question into a practiced anthological act that is featured of permanent activity as a perpetual act towards liberation and reproducing self-existence.


Keywords: Art philosophy, resistance ontology, political caricature, photography.


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Al Sheikh, H. M. (2021). The ontology of resistance between power and knowledge. Global Journal of Sociology: Current Issues, 11(1), 28–39.