Assessment of modern maternal health care usage in Ethiopia

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Desalew Shefraw Yesuf
Biset Yalew Abera



Ethiopia, like many developing nations, has struggled with the problem of low utilization of maternal healthcare services. The main objective of this study is to investigate the awareness and application of modern maternal healthcare usage and to identify the determinant factors that affect the usage of modern maternal healthcare services in Ethiopia. A quantitative approach to the survey questionnaire was employed. A simple random sampling technique was used to select 240 respondents from a sample of women aged between 18 and 49. Using statistical software, the collected data were analyzed using categorical variable tests and binary logistic regression. The findings showed that, from the total of 240 respondents, some of the respondents had not attended Antenatal care,  delivery care, and postnatal care.  Therefore, from the findings of the study, the researchers have concluded that to increase health care utilization, the concerned bodies should be expanding access to health services, improving the quality of antenatal care services, conducting awareness-raising promotions, and providing training for health workers to increase their skills and professional ethics.

Keywords:  Health care; maternity;  modern health care service; women.


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Yesuf, D. S. ., & Abera, B. Y. (2024). Assessment of modern maternal health care usage in Ethiopia. Global Journal of Sociology: Current Issues, 14(1), 8–17.