Personal safety in the school-aged children

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Arzu Akcan




Personal safety is an individual responsibility. Individuals should take precautions before an incident that could jeopardize their safety is developed. In this way, their lives will be in peace and security and the risks will be reduced. In this review article, personal safety situations that may be encountered in school children can be evaluated by those issues such as sun protection, cosmetics, contact lens use, forging-piercing, smoking, using alcohol and drug, cycling, using school bus, carrying school bag within the framework. When the literature is examined, it is observed that smoking, alcohol and substance use and sun protection are frequently encountered in school children, however, other issues presented for this age are rarely mentioned or never mentioned. As a result, personal safety issues should be expanded for school children and updated information should be provided along with changing society structure. The school nurse can guide and make suggestions to family members and school staff for the prevention of accidents and illnesses and for the provision of child safety. They can also talk with safety material manufacturers, support their initiatives by national and local laws, and plan education for children and their families.


Keywords: School health;  personal safety;  nurse.


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