Transcultural Nursing

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Kadriye Ozkol Kilinc
Esra Caylak Altun


People’s health beliefs and practices are affected by the culture in which they exist. In this sense; it is essential that nurses who experience the most interactions with health buyers/receivers and deliver health care services to those who have different cultures should know health-related cultural beliefs and practices of those to whom they deliver health services in order to offer an effective and productive care. In this respect; transcultural nursing term emerges. Besides; as known, health-disease practices and needs of individuals who live in different cultures may be different. In this sense; it is necessary for nurses to respect for others’ cultural beliefs and to deliver nursing care by knowing and paying attention to their cultures because people’s cultural beliefs and practices are very significant; in that nurses give a holistic care.

Keywords: Nursing, nursing care, transcultural nursing


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Ozkol Kilinc, K., & Caylak Altun, E. (2018). Transcultural Nursing. International Journal of Emerging Trends in Health Sciences, 2(1), 01–06.