Infertility Risk Factors and Nurse’s Role

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Arzu Abiç
Duygu Vefikuluçay Yılmaz


There are many known and unknown risk factors affecting fertility. Nowadays although infertility risk factors have been revealed with the researches carried out today, studies are still going on for many factors brought about by modern life. Nurses should be aware of risk factors that negatively affect fertility in order to prevent deterioration of fertility abilities of individuals. Infertility nurses should assess life-style behaviors in detail while taking anamnesis from couples who have fertility problems or apply for long-term and financially expensive treatment methods such as assisted reproductive techniques. In addition, nurses should do counseling to couples on lifestyles that have an impact on the fertility of individuals and follow the current literature on the subject. Especially risky lifestyle behaviors should be improved if there is no time problem for the couple. Otherwise, treatment strategies should be developed to change these behaviors and individual care plans should be provided to individuals about healthy lifestyle behaviors. In addition, nurses should train couples for risk factors. In this context, the risk factors causing the infertility and nursing roles will be discussed in our review.

Key words: İnfertilty, Risk Factors, Nursing, Role


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Abiç, A., & Yılmaz, D. (2019). Infertility Risk Factors and Nurse’s Role. International Journal of Emerging Trends in Health Sciences, 3(1), 1-8.