Connection of architectural education with the technological world in Northern Cyprus

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Alp Karaca


Due to the developing economic and technological opportunities, our structural environment and living spaces vary. In line with the increasing supply and demands of human beings, technological developments are increasing day by day, and they are trying to meet the expectations. The technological developments that started with the French Revolution show themselves in our living spaces, in every environment, where human beings exist and play the first-order factor in our lives. There is a process where living spaces and designs change and technological developments restructure the social environment of human beings. Technology, which developed rapidly, especially after 1990, is no longer a necessity but has become an indispensable part of our social life. Today, our relations with each other are now in a direct connection with technology. While our living spaces are being renewed and changed so rapidly, today’s adequacy of architectural education should be questioned. Has the education given in architectural education been able to meet the rapidly increasing demands of human beings? Have technological opportunities been a part of architectural education and can they use it effectively? The answer to these questions will be tried to be answered within the scope of architectural education, which is the focus of the research. In particular, the extent to which architectural design, which has a great place in the virtual reality environment, is supported during the university education process will be explored and the relationship between technological developments and design education will be revealed. In addition to the resource and data analyses to be carried out at all universities that provide architectural education accredited by YOK throughout Northern Cyprus, the research will also include observation methods and reports.


Keywords: Architectural education, technology, living spaces, virtual reality, design, North Cyprus.


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