Universal values and democracy

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Abdelhadi Benamar


The current polemic revolves around many concepts that are involved in the shaping and remodeling of the world and its priorities. They are overlapping each other and most of the time are found controversial, if not the diametrical opposite of what is supposed to be humankind's evolution towards the best. This paper aims to elucidate through scholars’ different analyses and points of view, a valid definition of this very term of democracy. Democracy under American values and globalization is an attempt to subdue obliquely the rest. These values are important issues raised by superpowers of politics, and most of the time, they are but arguments, cues by which they exercise their will upon the very discreet nation-states as they are evolving.

Keywords: Democracy; globalization; human; universal; values.


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Benamar, A. (2023). Universal values and democracy. International Journal of New Trends in Social Sciences, 7(1), 22–28. https://doi.org/10.18844/ijss.v7i1.8564