The Importance of Family Centered Care and Assessment

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Burcu Aykanat Girgin



Development and protection of children's health is important for the promotion and protection of public health. Primary responsibility for the development and protection of public health isin the family then the health care team members and the social environment. Hospitalization of a child is a stressful process both for the child and the family. In the literature, requirements of families are reported about staying with their children at hospital during hospitalization, taking active role in caring for their children and being informed for the health condition of the child, diagnosis and treatment tests. Therefore, family centered care is suggested for accelerating child’s recovery process with decreased child’s and families anxiety and providing the most convenient health service for expectations and needs of families in the hospital environment. Family centered care philosophy is based on recognition of the family’s central role in the child’s life and providing active participation of the family for health related decisions about their children. To effectively practice family centered care, nurses must be clear and consistent in their understanding and practices about the care of children and their families. Child Health Nurses need valid and reliable measurement tools to show their perceptions and practices regarding family centered care. In the literature, Family Centered Care Questionnaire, Family Centered Care Survey and Measure of Processes of Care for Service Providers were found to assess family centered care applications. However, the studies showing status of family centered care model in our country and studies introduce this measurement tools are very limited. Introduction and use of this measurement tools is very important for the quality of care given by nurses.

Keywords: family centered care, child health nurses, assessment.


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