The impact of physical activity and exercise on obesity

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Farid Mouissi



Introduction: The health benefits of regular physical activity alone are real, and the World Health Organisation has afforded great importance to the issue of obesity, and considers it to be an epidemic, which is threatening global health. Despite the fact that the subject of obesity emerged in developed countries, Arab countries began experiencing this phenomenon, due to changes in lifestyle among its citizens. Physical activity may favourably affect body fat distribution. Our study aims to study the impact of physical activity and exercise on obesity. Method: The research sample was 165 adolescents with an average age of 17.8 years old. A questionnaire was used to estimate physical activity and exercise. The body mass index (BMI) is used to determine obesity. Result: The results of the study indicated that there is a relationship between physical activity and exercise and obesity, and also between the amount of exercise and type of physical activity and obesity. Conclusion: Physical activity and exercise have an impact on obesity. Through the study results, we recommend the importance of physical activity and exercise for teenagers, because the continuous practice of physical activity reduces obesity.

Keywords: obesity, physical activity and exercise, adolescence.


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