Impact of creativity in nursing education

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Sameer Hamdan
Burcin Isik
Samar Thabet Jallad


Nowadays, the world has changed from a production source to a services-driven force; there are new challenges and shifts towards meaningful learning, together with rapid technological, socio-economic and environmental changes which call for a specific educational approach that learners need to acquire meaningful knowledge while encouraging them to utilise their knowledge in learning process to develop lifelong learning skills in order to prepare them for a complex future. Creativity in nursing education is an essential competence in fostering nursing learners; as both creative and critical thinking skills are needed to identify issues and create critical solutions to improve learners’ cognitive attributes and reflection and engagement in learning by developing assessment strategies and inspiring internal motivation for lifelong learning during various teaching activities. Therefore, nursing programmes must prepare nurses who can successfully perform in an environment that demands innovative problem-solving. In this context, this paper reviews the impacts of creativity in nursing education.


Keywords: Nursing education, creativity, creative thinking, strategies of creativity


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Hamdan, S., Isik, B., & Jallad, S. (2019). Impact of creativity in nursing education. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Advances in Pure and Applied Sciences, (11), 39-45.