Innovative technologies and living spaces; Updated living standards according to the evolution of homo sapiens

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Alp Karaca


Homosapiens is the common family name for contemporary human beings. There are different kinds of homo species but the most recent one with the most improved abilities are human beings of the present era, who have adapted themselves to the new technologies and life conditions by improving themselves. The substantial improvements in technology started with the French Revolution in 1799. Initially, technology helped human beings in the production and industry sectors. Thereafter, in the 1990s, technology penetrated living spaces, firstly helping with household duties and then impacting social life, first with the radio and later with the television. Living spaces started to change through the organisation of spaces, and most houses were organised according to location reserved for the television. This is the biggest change brought about by technology in living spaces. The expectations of human beings were on the rise simultaneously with economic welfare and consumption-based demands. In the 2000s, phyisical limitations occurred, while expectations increased even more. These were constraints over time, materials and economy, and the solution came from technology via virtual reality and generated cyber spaces, which were without limits, economical and surpassed the built environments. Due to the lack of physical conditions, built envionments ceded their place to virtual living spaces and virtual cities. In the present study, data collection was undertaken via a study of innovations within living spaces and also via an observation of social lives within living spaces. The present article aims to present what can be foreseen, on the basis of cause and effect, concerning the impacts of the current evolution on the one hand and massive outbreaks of viruses on the other hand, the impacts on the physical spaces of the homosapiens species that have succeeded in adapting to all the changes that they have come across from their beginnings until the present era, the impacts that both phenomena will have on the current living standards and living spaces of humans and what changes human living spaces will undergo in the ongoing process of evolution. Human beings will continue renewing themselves throughout the said phenomena before concluding their process of evolution.


Keywords: Innovative, technology, living spaces, living standards, homosapiens.


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Karaca, A. (2020). Innovative technologies and living spaces; Updated living standards according to the evolution of homo sapiens. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Advances in Pure and Applied Sciences, (12), 91–108.