Preventing child abuse and neglect

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Vildan Cirik


Aim of this study is to inform about the prevention of child abuse and neglect. This study was prepared as a compilation. Effective programmes are those that support parents and teach positive parenting skills. Some of the most effective responses for preventing child abuse and neglect focus on child-rearing, parent-child relationships and the family environment, including training in parenting. Nurses have a key role to play in identifying, treating and referring cases of abuse and neglect in reporting suspected cases of maltreatment to the appropriate authorities. Child abuse and neglect have a long lasting impact on the child, its family and the following generations. In order to protect children from this situation, it is necessary to develop preventive programs, to raise awareness of their families-teachers-community and to make legal arrangements. Additional research is needed to determine effective approaches for nurses to prevent child abuse or neglect.
Keywords: Child abuse; child neglect; prevention; nurse.


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