Attitudes towards violence scale in adults: A study of validity and reliability

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Emel Gur


The aim of this study was to test the validity and reliability of the "Adolescents’ Attitudes’ Towards Violence Scale" for adults. The study group consisted of 321 adults over 18 years of age. It was used to “Adolescents’ Attitudes’ Towards Violence Scale†which was 10 items on one dimension by developed Çetin (2011) for data gathering. Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) was conducted to examine the construct validity and Cronbach alpha reliability coefficients were calculated to determine reliability of As a result of the CFA, the 10 items on one-dimensional structure was not confirmed in adults. It was evaluated items of attitudes towards violence according to theoretical and CFA results and was organized adults’ attitudes towards violence as two dimensions. It was established 7 items on two-dimensional structure for adults. It was determined good fit in accordance with the goodness of fit indexes. They were sufficient for the scale (X2/sd = 2.44, RMSEA=0.067, GFI=0.97, CFI=0.98). The Cronbach alpha reliability coefficients of the scale was calculated as .80.It is important to determine the attitudes of individuals’ towards violence in the prevention of increasing violence in our day. Accordingly, “Attitudes Towards Violence Scale in Adults’†is a valid and reliable measurement tool that can be used to determine the attitudes of adults.
Keywords: Attitudes towards violence; adults; validity; reliability.


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