Impact of having leg amputation on sexual health: a systematic review

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Ecem Cicek


Amputation is a life-changing event that leads to depression along with the challenges it brings. It affects the lives of individuals in terms of various limitations in professional performances; social, entertaining and sexual activities. But, in all societies, the sexuality of individuals with disabilities is being ignored and almost never mentioned in this field. The aim of this study is to examine the sexual health problems and the difficulties in sexual life of the individuals who comes to the disabled state after the amputation.For the study, 13 data bases were scanned in totaly. Scanning was done in English and Turkish languages by use of MeSH terms; ''leg/limb amputation'' (or amputation) and ''sexual life'' (or sexual health, sexuality, sexual behaviour, sexual disfunction). The publications reached as a result of the scanned databases were evaluated according to the inclusion criteria. As a result of the screening, five studies were included in the study.As a result of the studies, it has been found that the individuals who have amputation experience sexual problems and the amputation affects the sexual health. In rehabilitation practice that are consulted after amputation, it is mentioned that sexuality is not a primary issue, but it is highly signıficant and it should be emphasized more. It, also, not considered enough by health professionals who provide rehabilitation services, and they stated that this issue should be discussed with great importance by health professionals.The fact that studies on limb amputation are very few and there is no existence of any work done in Turkey on this subject shows the necessity of giving more importance to the subject. Studies have shown that health professionals do not provide for counseling on sexuality, they do not have sufficient knowledge and skills in this area, and the patients’ needs are not supplied enough.
Keywords: Amputation, sexuality, sexual Health.


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