The effect of mobbing on organizational culture and organizational justice perception of nurses

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Dilek Ekici


Feeling of insecurity and restlessness caused by mobbing behaviors, which nurses have faced, create an extremely stressful and tense environment. Therefore, fair behaviors exhibited by nurse managers affects directly culture perception of employees. This cross-sectional and descriptive study was planned to determine the effects of on organizational culture, justice perception and mobbing experienced by nurses working in hospital. Nurses, who were working in two private hospitals in Ankara, were included in the study. After the explanation about the purpose and method of the study, a written application was made to each of the hospitals, where the study would be conducted. After the permissions had been obtained, the data collection process began. The response rate was 74%; the data obtained from 125 nurses of hospital A and 169 of B were included in the analysis. Variables of the study were organizational justice, mobbing at workplace and organizational culture. Causal relationships between variables were tested using Structural Equation Modeling. Critical n-value related to the model was calculated as 162.85.There was a significant negative relationship between mobbing and culture, which were exogenous and endogenous latent variables, respectively (-0.50). Likewise, there was a significant negative relationship between mobbing and justice, which was an endogenous latent variable (-0.34). Also, there was a significant positive relationship between justice perception and organizational culture. Mobbing and justice perception, which were independent latent variables, were found to explain 0.43 of organizational culture, which was the endogenous latent variable. In accordance with structural equation modeling, the theoretical model of the study was found to be within statistically acceptable limits.Mobbing behavior nurses had faced, was found to have adverse effects on organizational culture and justice perception. Attitudes and behaviors of managers at workplace are highly important to ensure a peaceful and fair work environment. Managers should be aware of mobbing behavior exhibited at workplace, and should display the attitudes and behaviors which will prevent mobbing.   
Keywords: Mobbing; organizational justice; organizational culture.


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