In which part of operating rooms is ethic? It is where the nurses are

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Ozlem Bilik


Health, one of the fundamental human rights, should be eligible and attainable and it should be provided equal to everybody. Advances in the field of medicine and technology today may sometimes cause the line between life and death to become uncertain in health field. Also, along with some value problems the importance of ethic in working life has increased gradually. Ethic is a department of philosophy which investigates the quality and fundamentals of values underlying the relations between people and  it is to examine good or bad or right or wrong morally. It leads to what should or should not be do in professional works and presents the necessary moral values so that science and technology do not damage the society.The concept of ethic has a different importance for operating room nursery as well as in all fields of nursery. Operating rooms are the areas where patients expose to a significant attempt like surgery. They are stressful atmospheres that patients are unconscious due to anaesthesia, there are many technological devices around, a multidisciplinar team works together, there are life-threatening situations and the events that require to make fast decisions happen very often in this process. In addition, they are the places where harmful risks such as encountering of patients with injury, infection and tocsic materials are high. Because of all of these features, operating room nurses may often experience ethical problems. Eventually, nurses who are important members of health teams often encounter with the situations that require to make decisions due to their expanding roles and responsibilities, continuous communication with patients and team and busy working conditions. Nurses have to decide according to ethical principles and take the responsibility of these decisions. Thus, ethical sensitivity has to be developed in risky environments where ethical problems are often experienced such as operating rooms. In this context, educators in undergraduate education should effort to bring basic ethical principles to nursery students, to make the importance of ethic in professional work to be understood and to develop ethical sensitivity. Nurse administrators also should reinforce this development in post-graduate process. Importance of ethic for operating room nurses, study results for frequently encountered ethical problems and operating room nursery in terms of general ethical principles are presented in this collection. 

Keywords: Health; room; nursery


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