Determining reasons why old people come to old age asylum

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Tugce Ayar


This study was made descriptive-cross sectional in order to identify the reasons why old people come to old age nursing home. This descriptive study was conducted with the participation of 64 old people among 69 who stayed in a nursing home in Samsun between 13.04.2016 and 15.06.2016, who could communicate with us and who were willing to participate. The data was collected by a survey form prepared by the researchers in line with the literature. Survey form consists of 59 questions aiming to determine the socio-demographical properties of old people and their social and family living conditions before coming to a nursing home. In the evaluation of data percentage calculation and chi-square test were used. The age average of old people is 74.9±8.4. 32.8% of the old people are women and 67.2% of them are men. 34.4% of them were graduated from primary school. 53.1% of them have chronic diseases, 40.6% of them do not have a relative to take care of them, 23.4% of them came to nursing home as they faced decline in proceeding with daily activities without dependence on others, 53.3% of them do not communicate with their children, 43.8% do not have any visitors coming to the institution. 76.6% of them expressed that they stay in the nursing home since their families consider the old people in the family as a burden. 45.3% of them describe the nursing home as a place where they wait for the end of their lives, 25% of them express that they were not wanted by their relatives before coming to a nursing home. 3.1% of them faced physical violence from the relatives with whom they stayed together. In this study, it was observed that reasons, why old people preferred to live in the nursing home, are the absence of individuals to give them care, loneliness, and conflict with children. It is suggested that interventions should be made in order to increase the interactions of old people with family members and convert nursing homes to joyful places where old people can perform social activities with their coevals. 
Keywords: Family, care, nursing home, loneliness, senescence.


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