Cultural Identity and Passport Designs

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Cumhur Coskun


A passport is an identity given to an individual by his country, to travel to other countries. With globalisation, ‘passports’ that were papers stamped at the entrance and exit by customs during the past centuries have increasingly become critical documents. It is not only a personal document, but it also represents the country to which it belongs. The designs should reflect the cultural identity of a nation, in the form of visual elements, illustrations and photographs. Countries that are aware that their passports reflect their cultural values are able to combine their passport designs with the modern design concept of the times creatively and stylishly, as an artistic work. This qualitative study is aimed at evaluating passport designs in terms of being a representative of a cultural identity and examining passport designs that are re-examined with innovative and modern understanding cultural identity.

Keywords: Passport design, cultural identity, graphic design.


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Coskun, C. (2017). Cultural Identity and Passport Designs. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 4(11), 139–146. (Original work published December 28, 2017)