The migration and social exclusion dimension in Turkey and in the world

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Gulsen Sari Gersil


The globalisation process has brought with it economic imbalance. The global economy offers employment and applications for employment in labour markets, which is not only limited within international boundaries but even crosses them. This situation is one of the outstanding factors that expedite migration. According to recent developments in labour markets, immigrants work in economically fluctuating sensitive sectors which lead to increase in unemployment, poverty and social exclusion. The rise of unemployment rates, increasing international migration, decline in the phenomenon of a welfare state and the rise in social problems points to the concept of social exclusion. In this study, increase in the migration rate and its relation to social exclusion and policies is discussed. Migration focused social exclusion concept and reasons and results of migration are searched and observations are made related to this.

Keywords: Migration, labour markets, social exclusion.


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Gersil, G. S. (2017). The migration and social exclusion dimension in Turkey and in the world. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 4(10), 237–245. (Original work published January 12, 2018)