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Cetin Bektas


It is with great honor that we edit the proceedings of “6th World Conference on Business, Economics and Management (BEM-2017)â€, Acapulco Hotel and Resort Convention Center, North Cyprus, 04-06 May 2017. This privileged scientific event has contributed to the field of ELT for the six year.

As the guest editors of this issue, we are glad to have received a variety of articles focusing on Accounting, International Finance, Advertising Management, Labor Economics, Business & Economics, Labor Relations & Human Resource Management, Business Ethics, Law and Economics, Business Intelligence, Management Information Systems, Business Information Systems, Management Science, Business Law, Market Structure and Pricing, Business Performance Management, Marketing Research and Strategy, Business Statistics, Marketing Theory and Applications, Change Managementi Operations Research, Communications Management, Organizational Behavior & Theory, Comparative Economic Systems, Organizational Communication, Consumer Behavior, Prices, Business Fluctuations, and Cycles, Corporate Finance and Governance, Product Management, Corporate Governance, Production and Organizations, Cost Management, Production/Operations Management, Decision Sciences, Public Administration and Small Business Entrepreneurship, Development Planning and Policy, Public Choice, Economic Development, Public Economics and Finance, Economic Methodology, Public Relations, Economic Policy, Public Responsibility and Ethics, E-Bussiness, Regulatory Economics, E- Marketing, Resource Management, Economic Systems, Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management Policy, Finance & Investment, Stress Management, Financial Economics, Supply Change Management, Global Business, Systems Management, Global Marketing, Systems Thinking, Growth; Aggregate Productivity, Taxes (related areas of taxes), Household Behavior and Family Economics, Technological Change; Research and Development, Human Resource, Technology & Innovation, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Time Management, Information Systems, Total Quality Management, Information Technology Management, Travel/Transportation/Tourism, International Business, Welfare Economics, International Economics etc. Furthermore, the conference is getting more international each year, which is an indicator that it is getting worldwide known and recognized. Scholars from all over the world contributed to the conference. Special thanks are to all the reviewers, the members of the international editorial board, the publisher, and those involved in technical processes. We would like to thank all who contributed to in every process to make this issue actualized. A total of 54 full papers or abstracts were submitted for this conference and each paper has been peer reviewed by the reviewers specialized in the related field. At the end of the review process, a total of 26 high quality research papers were selected and accepted for publication.
I hope that you will enjoy reading the papers.

Best Regards

Guest Editors Prof. Dr. Cetin Bektas, Gaziosmanpasa University, Turkey

Editorial Assistant Zeynep Genc, Msc. Near East University, North Cyprus


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