Corporate social responsibility and performance: Evidence from the water industry

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Rita Almeida


The aim of this research is assessment of the relationship between the adoption of social responsibility practices and the performance of the water sector companies. The complexity of challenges in the water sector means that innovative solutions are required, in the manner businesses are conducted and operated. In order to integrate sustainability into business companies, this investigation identifies performance indicators that recognise the main difficulties facing the water industry and contributes to define strategies sustainability for these companies, since the water market and the inherent value of water as a public good embrace all stakeholders. On the other hand, the financial crisis introduces in society, in general, the demand for greater interest on practices of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); for this reason, the authors defend the implementation of CSR strategies to get sustainable success in the water sector.

Keywords: Corporate social responsibility, financial performance, water sector, Portugal.


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Almeida, R. (2017). Corporate social responsibility and performance: Evidence from the water industry. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 4(10), 265–272. (Original work published January 13, 2018)