Cloud solutions in DMS, the application and the reality

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Zuzana Papulova


This paper discusses the technical application of cloud computing based on the example of document management system (DMS). DMS is based on system to track, manage and store data. The cloud application is a logical continuation of the of development in DMS. However, cloud computing is still missing the wide recognition and satisfied implementation as a result of concerns in the area of data protection as an important issue. Especially in the area of documents management, companies could benefit a lot from the positive properties of using the backup and archival content storage. The paper contains the results of our research based on two studies. The first study was carried out on a sample of students with cloud solutions experiences. The second study contains views and opinions from companies. Based on the results, we sumarise the major problems and concerns of cloud technology application.

Keywords: Document mangement system, cloud computing, cloud solutions.


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Papulova, Z. (2017). Cloud solutions in DMS, the application and the reality. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 4(10), 369–378. (Original work published January 13, 2018)