The development of teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge in teaching biology

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Suriya Chapoo
Kongsak Thathong
Lilia Halim


This paper examines the development of biology teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge (PCK). All participants were provided with PCK training activities to improve their understanding of PCK and ability in creating lesson plans according to content representation (CoRe). Research instruments used in this study were open-ended questionnaire, semi-structure interview, lesson plans, CoRe and pedagogical and professional-experience repertoire. The results of the PCK training programme indicated that before participation in the training workshop, three biology teachers lacked content knowledge in some specific topics of biology so that their teaching methods were not congruent with five components of PCK. After the PCK training programme, the three biology teachers understood more about biology contents and the five components of PCK. They realised the importance of the students’ prior knowledge and individual differences of learning styles as well as different biology conceptions. They focused on the inquiry-based learning in accord with the National Science Curriculum Standards.

Keywords: Pedagogical content knowledge (PCK), content representations (CoRes), biology teachers, experience teachers.


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Chapoo, S., Thathong, K., & Halim, L. (2018). The development of teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge in teaching biology. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 5(1), 133–140. (Original work published May 8, 2018)