Use of experimental materials in illustrations: Illustrated notebook designs

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Banu Bulduk Turkmen


The illustration is a field kneaded with contemporary interpretation languages and finds a new breath with the forms used in new media environments. Similarly, this doesn’t substitute for the traditional materials so artists continue to describe what is intended on various surfaces and encourage artists to develop alternative languages in their illustrations. When the tendency of illustrator’s interpretation is combined with the idea of bringing paper and material together, the formation of originally designed areas is the result of this orientation. This article focuses on the diversity of the areas in which paintings are expressed. With the illustrations that also come to life on the surfaces of different textures, sketchbooks are transformed into valuable objects of design. The examination of this situation is covered by the method of the article, the formal analysis of the design objects is presented with examples, and the research is completed by examining the place of the experimental materials in the illustrations.
Keywords: Illustration, illustration language, illustration techniques, sketchbook, illustrated notebook.


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Turkmen, B. B. (2018). Use of experimental materials in illustrations: Illustrated notebook designs. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 5(6), 44–52.