Digital skills and the cyber addiction at primary school

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Mariya Dishkova
Rumyana Papancheva


This paper considers the problem of Internet and more general cyber addiction of primary school children. The aim is to investigate the level of dependency of young children in Internet, computer games and devices. The authors work is part of a project work researching digital skills and media-education at early age. A survey with 274 fourth grade students is described and analysed in the context of the tendency to meet and fall in love with the screen from a younger age. Young children do not recognise the eager to take some digital device at hand as a problem. They cannot really estimate the time spent on games or other online activities. Theoretical review of the problem is done, and the basic aspects of cyber addiction are mentioned. The authors’ point of view is that higher digital skills at early age could be a factor for avoiding higher cyber addiction of the children.

Keywords: Cyber addiction, early age, digital skills, primary school, dependency.


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Dishkova, M., & Papancheva, R. (2019). Digital skills and the cyber addiction at primary school. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 6(2), 22–31.