The effectiveness of involving social investments in education

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Yahyaeva Aynura Yusif


Summary: One of the main problems in the social policy of the state is investment activity in this area. Social investments have a significant impact on improving the living standards of the population, improving their education, knowledge and skills and ensuring their health. The attraction of social investments and strengthening their role in the market environment is one of the prior directions of state policy. Social investment should be done in such a way that the final benefit for all projects should be the same. Effective use of social investments also contributes to the development of the country’s education system. Education is an important social area that contributes to the creation of conditions for the country’s economic development. The article is devoted to the study of the problem of assessing the effectiveness of social investment in education, which is an important social area that creates conditions for sustainable development. In the context of the creation and development of an innovative economy, social investment in education is a priority and provides an important competitive advantage in the strategic perspective, the accumulation and realisation of the country’s intellectual potential. At the same time, increased investment in education does not mean the increase of their efficiency and not guarantee the improvement of the quality of educational services. This means that the problem of evaluating the effectiveness of investment in education is complicated. Many scholars, both in our country and abroad, are engaged in solutions of the problem. All of this shows that the research in this area is one of the actual problems.

The purpose of the research Is to evaluate the role and effectiveness of social investment in education. For this purpose, the following main tasks are set:

  • identify specific features of the education system as a social investment object;

  • systematise the factors of the efficiency of social investments;

  • study the role of education in ensuring economic growth and competitiveness in the country;

  • determine the system of general performance indicators for educational institutions;

  • investigate the ways of implementing state policy in the field of education development, etc.

The methodology of the research is the systematic, dynamic and comparative analysis of factors.

Results of the research show that ways to achieve the goals set out in education have been identified, and the role of social investment in this area has been explored. Recommendations for improving the efficiency of social investment in education have also been put forward.


Keywords: Education, social policy, social investment, globalisation, human capital.


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