Autoethnographic approach in art experience

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Mehtap Morkoç
Funda Susamoğlu Ertürk


This study is on production as the experience of art and how this production is conceptualised with the autoethnography. Even though it was formed by the qualitative research method and comes from the background of writing, in time, autoethnography crossed paths with the practice of visual expression. The reasons for this intersection are the variety of representations in the 1990s when the processes of literary and visual research went hand in hand. The fact that artists, through the concept of autoethnography, turned into researchers who describe their own forms of production has enabled the concept to be discussed in a variety of fields. This study on the autoethnographic approach in the experience of art is based on samples from the works of Pia Arke and Mehtap Morkoç’s production practices to illustrate autoethnography and the place of autoethnography in the practice of representation.


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