Determining the reasons for private schools prefance and a case study in TRNC

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Hatice Kuluma
Özgül Davulcu
Selva Kaçmaz


In this study, it is aimed to determine the reasons for choosing private schools in the education process according to the views of the parents of students studying in primary and secondary education institutions in TRNC. The effects of the physical conditions of the school, educational activities, artistic-sports-social and cultural activities, management and academic staff characteristics, communication processes and economic resources were examined. In the research, survey model, one of the descriptive research methods, was used. Parents of 7355 students studying at private schools in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Primary Education and General Secondary Education constituted the research universe of this study. Parents of 242 students studying in Nicosia, Famagusta, Güzelyurt and Kyrenia constituted the sample group of this study. The unit of analysis in the research is the parents of the students. The Private School Preference Criteria questionnaire used in this study was developed by Pulat (2019). The scale consists of a total of 41 items. The data collected with the help of scales in the study were analyzed with the statistical methods "Correlation", "Regression", "Kruskal-Wallis H" and "Mann-Whitney U". The most important reasons for parents to enroll their children in private schools are their belief that they will receive a good education in English, their belief that they will receive a better education in general, and the availability of full-time education as working parents.


Keywords: Private School, Parent, Parent Preference Attitudes, Primary School, Secondary School


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Kuluma , H. ., Davulcu, Özgül ., & Kaçmaz, S. . (2021). Determining the reasons for private schools prefance and a case study in TRNC. Contemporary Educational Researches Journal, 11(2), 01–13.