Towards a perfect universal educational curriculum

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Lynsey Mori


In the process of reforming education, it has become no longer possible to discuss pedagogy, curriculum, instruction, academic achievement, or the culture and climate of schools without discussing social-emotional competencies under the framework of social and emotional learning. This paper attempted to explore some of the complications within the building and implementing an educational curriculum. The study discusses educational pedagogy in the existing literature. Based on the findings, education requires more dedicated and school-specific reflection into where things go wrong. Due to the broad range of skills and unfurling neuroscience behind emotional intelligence, it can be proposed that a lack of ownership of these competencies is assisting in a dilution through local authority principles/governments/education boards and to a loosely based school-level approach through individual teachers with little guidance or support.

Keywords: COVID-19, emotional competencies, emotional learning, neuroscience, pedagogy;


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Mori, L. (2022). Towards a perfect universal educational curriculum. Contemporary Educational Researches Journal, 12(4), 256–262.