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Vol. 17 No. 4 (2022): April

Published: 2022-04-30

Parents’ satisfaction with online education for learners with special needs at the elementary level

Ramil P. Manguilimotan, Jacob A. Cabalda, Anna Mie M. Arnado, Gengen G. Padillo, Raymond C. Espina, Reylan G. Capuno


The organization of distance education in during the Covid-19 pandemic

Bakhytzhan Ospanova Ospanova, Rakhila Zh Aubakirova, Bakyt T. Kuanysheva, Gulbanu A Kabzhanova, Taskina Irina Anatolyevna, Yuri Vasilievich Tabakaev


Adaptation of the academic motivation scale for future professionals in physical education and sports

Iuliia Pavlova, Ivanna Bodnar, Vadym Shvets, Petro Petrytsa, Natalia Nalyvayko


Psychological support for children with special educational needs in an inclusive education

Karibaev Zhasulan, Autaeva Akbota, Zhumabaeva Aziya, Kaliyev Nurzhan Kazhimukhanovich, Zhangoziyeva Manet Salikbayevna, Sultangaliyeva Aigul


The effect of academic stress and learning motivation of pre-service teachers in aerobics

Padli Padli, Yanuar Kiram, Irfan Arifianto, Anton Komaini, Yogi Setiawan, Martio Mairifendi


The Problem Of Systematization Of Terms In Turkic Languages And Technologies Of Teaching At Universities

Syrym Zhanzhigitov, Bekzhan Abdualiuly, Raigul Doszhan, Zaripa Serikbayeva, Mamayeva Aigul, Yeshmetova Balzhan


Technology for forming students' ability to manage independent educational activities

Ulzharkyn Аbdigapbarova, Dinara Yeshenkulova, Barshagul Kassimbekova, Gulnar Muratbaeva, Serik Каstayev


Methodology of application of blended learning technology in mathematics education

Roza Kadirbayeva, Anthony Pardala, Baktygul Alimkulova, Elvira Adylbekova, Gulzhan Zhetpisbayeva, Madina Jamankarayeva


Lecturer’s digital literacy ability in the pandemic

Fauzan Fauzan, Fatkhul Arifin, Maulana Arafat Lubis, Fery Muhamad Firdaus


Effectiveness of virtual psychological counseling programs during the (COVID-19) pandemic

Kamal Aldhmour, Sulaiman Almasarweh, Sabrin Abdelaty Labib Abdelaty, Nashwa A. Younis, Osaima Sabri Al-Qaralleh, Rana Ibrahim EL-Bashabsheh


Mind skills training effect on prospective counsellor’ performance

Nur Hidayah, M. Ramli, Lutfi Fauzan, Diniy Hidayatur Rahman, Husni Hanafi


Assessment of functional literacy of students in computer science based on the criteria-based approach

Sagimbayeva Ainur Yesengazyevna, Avdarsol Sailaugul, Yerekesheva Meruert, Baiganova Altynzer Mynturganovna, Kuanysh Daurenbekov


Do scoring techniques and number of choices affect the reliability of multiple-choice tests in elementary schools?

Herwin Herwin, Triyanto Pristiwaluyo, Ruslan Ruslan, Shakila Che Dahalan


Development of the acmeological potential of the future specialist in physical culture and sports

Koldasbayeva Bagila Dzhumabaevna, Doshybekov Aydin Bagdatovich, Zhetimekov Yerkin Tleshovich, Nassiyev Yermek Kadyrbekovich, Abdraimova Kulmeskhan Auelkhanovna, Elmira Uaidullakyzy


Inclusive MOOC – educational content for deaf people, a Portuguese proof of concept

Paula Escudeiro, Bruno Galasso, Dirceu Teixeira, Márcia Campos Gouveia, Nuno Escudeiro


Development of the evaluative activities of teachers in the conditions of updated education

Massimova Khurshidam Tashbolatovna, Utepbergenova Zіnakul Duisenbaevna, Kerimbayeva Rysty Kaldyhanovna, Aizhanova Gulnara Koyshibaevna, Zhamirova Ulmeken, Sembayeva Gulzat


Strategies for teaching moral values to children with intellectual disability

Ishartiwi Ishartiwi, Rendy Roos Handoyo, Aini Mahabbati, Edi Purwanta


Development of entrepreneurial competence of future primary school teachers

Elmira Uaidullakyzy, Aziza Zhunusbekova, Nabuova Roza, Raigul Doszhan, Karibayeva Gulnaz Maratovna, Ulzharkyn Аbdigapbarova


Development of the spiritual and creative potential of future teachers in the school-university system

Elvira Yeshenkulova, Aigul Uspabayeva, Ulzharkyn Аbdigapbarova, Akmaral Rysbayeva, Galiya Rysbayeva, Doskarayeva Gaukhar


Psychological and pedagogical bases of research formation competence of preschool teachers in the context of lesson study

Gulmira Myshbayeva, Ulbosyn Kyakbaeva, Gulsaya Khairlayeva, Kulshat Kamzaeva, Nazgul Baitas


Specific features of the training seminar in order to improve the subjective well-being of students

Kuralay Adilzhanova, Beibitgul Turganbayeva, Ardakh Yermentayeva, Zhanat Aubakirova, Nazym Kulmysheva, Bakytgul Oralbekova


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