Principles in selecting children books in primary schools: North Cyprus case

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Sevket Oznur
Ejdan Sadrazam


Turkish language went into effect along with the arrival of the Ottomans to the Island in 1571. Since then the Turkish Cypriots have been using Turkish in expressing their customs and traditions and activities. Currently 400.000 people Turkish people on the Island speak, write and broadcast in Turkish. Soon after adapting the use of Latin alphabet by Atatürk in Turkey, the Turkish Cypriots began to use the new alphabet as their official language. At present, besides the Atatürk Teacher Academy, training primary education teachers, there are eight universities in North Cyprus. In all these institutions there are Turkish Language and Literature, Turkish Teaching departments and Turkish Preparatory Schools for overseas students. In this respect, our aim is to determine the primary school teachers’ (ATA graduates) criterion principles in selecting children’s books. The subject question will be dealt with in four sections. The first section includes introduction, under which the problem, aims, significance, numerical data, limitations, and definitions are dealt with. The second section discusses methodology, research model and stages through examples, data collection, analysis, and interpretation. Findings and interpretation will be presented in the third section. The summary, discussion and suggestions will be the scope of the fourth section.


Keywords: Children Books, Turkish Education, Primary Education, Traditional Literature, North Cyprus


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Oznur, S., & Sadrazam, E. (2020). Principles in selecting children books in primary schools: North Cyprus case. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 15(4), 870 - 876.