Voices from EFL Thai learners towards English writing

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Chutamas Sundrarajun


English language writing is seen as one of the most difficult skills for undergraduate students. When composing a piece of writing, students usually face various problems ranging from grammatical aspects to expressing ideas and opinions. To answer the research questions, this study employed a mixed method of both qualitative and quantitative approaches to identify the students’ perceptions towards Business Article Writing Course, as well as to pinpoint their challenges when working on the written assignments. The intensive data were collected from 20 fourth year students majoring in Business English via the use of questionnaire and a semi-structured interview. The findings give teachers, course designers, and educational organizations an insight into students’ problems in learning English language writing. It also highlights the need to integrate different genres of writing to enhance students’ writing skills so that they can use such techniques to overcome any struggles when composing a piece of writing.


Keywords:  Academic Writing, EFL, Writing Strategies, Peer Feedback


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Sundrarajun, C. . (2020). Voices from EFL Thai learners towards English writing. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 15(6), 1495–1507. https://doi.org/10.18844/cjes.v15i6.5293