Using blended learning during COVID-19 The perceptions of school teachers in Jordan

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Raghad Alsarayreh


The study aims at identifying the perceptions of using blended learning during COVID 19 Pandemic in Jordan as reported by secondary school teachers in Jordan. It also aims at investigating the possible significant differences in those perceptions attributed to gender and school type (government schools, private schools). A quantitative method was adopted in which a questionnaire was used to collect the data from (161) science teachers (92 females and 69 male teachers) working at secondary schools at Karak governorate. The questionnaire has been distributed to 147 science teachers from public schools and 14 teachers from private schools. The results of this study revealed medium degree of using blended learning among the participants. It also showed no statistically significant differences attributed to the gender variable and the type of school.


Keywords: Blended learning strategy, COVID-19 pandemic, secondary school, Jordanian teachers.


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Alsarayreh, R. (2020). Using blended learning during COVID-19: The perceptions of school teachers in Jordan. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 15(6), 1544–1556.