Developing a heutagogy approach to promoting teacher competencies in Indonesia

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Silvia Mariah Handayani
Tony Yeigh
Lisa Jacka
Lewes Peddell


This study aims to establish a Heutagogy approach for teacher professional education in Indonesia as an attempt to improve teacher competencies. This study will identify key elements of a Heutagogy approach derived from previous Heutagogy practices. The methods to collect data for developing the Heutagogy approach in this study employs a literature review of previous research and findings related to Heutagogy practice. In this regard, this study's established elements are Learner-determined learning, Metacognitive reflection, Collaboration, and Capability development. These elements are analysed and then incorporated into the TPE model with support from online learning tools. Capability development is the goal of experiencing each of the elements of Heutagogy in this approach. Each of these key elements will contribute to developing participants capability as professional teachers. The Heutagogy approach in this study is expected to be significant for improving teacher competencies in Indonesia.


Keywords: teacher professional education, heutagogy


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Handayani , S. M. ., Yeigh , T. ., Jacka , L. ., & Peddell , L. . (2021). Developing a heutagogy approach to promoting teacher competencies in Indonesia. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 16(3), 939–951.