Scale of remembered relationship with parents: Evaluation of psychometric properties on university students

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Zihniye Okray
Enil Afsaroglu Eren


The aim of this study is to evaluate the psychometric properties of the Remembered Relationships with Parents (RRP10) for Turkish university students. 373 students studying at Lefke European University participated in this research. The gender distribution of the subjects is 52.8% (n=197) for female and 47.2% (n=176) for male students. The reliability of RRP10 was assessed by internal consistency and test-retest reliability statistics. The validity of the scale was assessed by confirmatory and exploratory factor analysis and correlations between subscales and item analyses were examined. In addition, the correlation between RRP and Parental Bonding Instrument (PBI) was assessed by Pearson correlation coefficient method in order to see the criterion based validity. The internal consistency, Cronbach alpha and test-retest reliability coefficient of the scale were calculated. In order to assess the distinctive validity of the scale, a discriminant analysis was performed to determine whether the RRP10 scores of the participants who received under the cut-off score (≥10) is different than the RRP10 scores of the participants who received over the cut-off score according to the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI). As a result of the factor analysis, a two-factor structure similar to the original RRP10 study was found out. No correlation was observed between RRP10 Alienation and PBI Care subscales while highly significant criterion-relationship validity was observed between RRP10 Control and PBI Control subscales and a distinctive validity was observed in the statistical assessment of RRP10 and BDI. RRP10 test-retest coefficients and internal consistency coefficients show findings on the reliability of the scale. The psychometric properties of RRP10 are found to be satisfactory and could be used to assess remembered relationships with parents. RRP10 will be valuable in establishing initiatives or psycho-educative programs in order to regulate the mother-father and child relationships.


Keywords: mother-father, alienation, control, reliability, validity, relationship


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Okray, Z., & Eren, E. A. (2015). Scale of remembered relationship with parents: Evaluation of psychometric properties on university students. Global Journal of Guidance and Counseling in Schools: Current Perspectives, 5(1).