A live comparison between Unity and Unreal game engines

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Ramiz Salama
Mohamed Elsayed


A game engine is an ongoing thread that helps us in making and designing beautiful games with the simplest methods and least resources. Game engines support a wide variety of playing platforms that can translate the game designed into a playable game in different platforms like PlayStation, PC, Xbox, Android, IOS and Nintendo. There is a wide variety of game engines that suits every programmer and designer working on engines such as Unity game engine, Unreal game engine and construct game engine. In order to make a game one has to learn how to code in one of these engines. From our results, Unity has everything you need to create games in one place. It has an integrated development framework that creates rich solutions and out-of-box functionality to make games. This paper recommends making a decision one has to look at, such as what platforms one wants to target and how one can plan on monetising their product.


Keywords: Game engine, compare engine, Unity game, Unreal game, platforms.


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Salama, R., & Elsayed, M. (2021). A live comparison between Unity and Unreal game engines. Global Journal of Information Technology: Emerging Technologies, 11(1), 01–07. https://doi.org/10.18844/gjit.v11i1.5288